Sunday, May 29, 2016

De-mochify Project

I have always been an overweight girl with a BMI of 26, which is why I was nicknamed "Panda" and lately, "Mochi", one of those bouncy, sticky rice cakes from Japan. I really want to slim myself down - or as I would like to say, "De-mochify" myself - in order to gain more confidence and just be healthier. I have heard of this diet that basically allows you to eat once a day and just drink water or tea for 24 hours, and so I would like to try it out. 

As an introduction, I currently weigh 66 kilograms and my height is 158 cm (around 5 feet 3 inches). I am moderately active since I do traditional Balinese/Indonesian dances after school and I live in Japan, which means that I basically walk everywhere (or take public transportation like the bus). I usually have 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner, but I plan to just take lunches for this diet. I really have to be in tip top shape for the upcoming Indonesian Week event and so I decided to promise myself to lose at least 6 kilograms by July 15th. 

I hope I could be as slim and as awesome as the beautiful Rumi Neely some day... By the way, I will be updating this blog as often as possible in order to share my experiences with you and to motivate all of you who are trying to lose weight as well... Let's de-mochify!